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Working as a Graphic Designer and illustrator for … well, since Blur and Oasis slugged it out in the charts!

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Been designing and photoshopping etc., Since 1995

I first studied graphic design in the eighties – a long time ago! Since that time I have seen many changes to the industry. The technical changes have been staggering. I was first introduced to photoshop in the mid-nineties, and we all thought it was jaw droppingly powerful back then – but now, it is truly awesome in its capabilites. One thing hasn’t changed, and that is the need for good solid design. It remains as true now as it was then, and I’ve always been committed to providing just that.

Our Mission

To provide small business owners with high quality graphic design and printing solutions.

Our Vision

I have always believed that small business should have access to high quality design solutions. You’ll find me friendly and approachable to deal with, and that I can provide a fast and professional service.

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